Small cable tester - tool for cable installer
date: 25.03.2011

If you need to check all wires in cable, you can use simple trick - connect between all wires few resistors, then you can go to another end of cable and check resistanse between wires. All pairs now have different resistanse and you can simply find needed pair or check wires for damage. For example - connect 1k resistor from black or shield wire to first wire, 2k to second wire, 5k to third wire and etc. Then connect multimeter to black (or shield) wire on another side of cable, and second to on of the wires - if resistanse is 1k, then this wire is first, if 5k - wire is 3.

This simple tool shown on photo is array of 10k resistors - between contact 1 and contact 2 resistanse = 10k, between 1 and 3- 30k, 1 and 4 - 40k and etc.

With this tool you can use described trick in few simple steps - connect wires and check resistanse. No need to use resistors and many connections in one point.
Few cables without lables is not a problem to - connect black wires to first contact, an red wires to contacts 2 to 12. Now cable with resistanse on between red and black =10k is first cable, if resistanse =20k - this is second cable and etc.

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