AVR microcontroller projects, LED projects and other DIY projects. Various homemade, tools and background information. All that can be found on this page. This is translated version of russian web page zps-electronics.com

Hanmade charger for laptop or mobile phone
Charging electronic devices from lamp

Small cable tester - tool for cable installer
This tool helps you check all wires in cable in few seconds. Just connect tool on one side and check resistance between all wires on second side.

Wiegand 26 protocol AVR example code and schematic
Simple code for reading wiegand 26 protocol from RFid reader used in security systems.

Handmade bomb with TNT and countdown timer
Toy bomb made from wooden stick, paper and attiny2313 countdown timer. Cutting of wrong wire shows "OOPS" on LED display.

LED lights In trunk of Daewoo Nexia
Installing white led lights to trunk of old daewoo car.

Bottle opener in PC mouse
Just a funny toy - bottle opener in PC mouse. Made in old times, don't works as a mouse.

Modding ethernet patch cable - LED indicator
Modification of patch cable and LAN card to move LED indicator to the another side of cable.

PIC16F84 LED project
Beginner project - LED lights and PIC

PC modding - dummy access card
Adding fake but working card reader to PC. Old project from year 2000.

Spirograph in PC front panel
Old project from year 2000.

S-Video cable pinouts for TV-out
Connecting TV to S-VIDEO out in PC video card.

PC keyboard LED lights
Adding LEDs to PC keyboard. Old project from year 2000.

Simple ethernet cable tester
Patch cable tester.

audio level indicator A277D - LED bar
simple audio level indicator.

using LPT port to control electronic devices
Few simple schematics.

regulated power supply on LM317T
regulated power supply 1.5-37v @ 1.5A

Mirror ball made from basketball ball
It was very a hard to find real "mirror ball" in soviet russia and we build it from old ball and mirrors :)

CD-adaptor fro old tape car-radio
Connecting CD-player or Ipod to tape player